About Us


Visokaa is one of the emerging Creative Brand in India and can be trusted to sell high-quality products at affordable prices. Providing you all the necessary and unique decorative and furnishing home decor products. We create designs and sell affordable collection of Cushions, Curtains, Made-ups, Floor Covering and other decorative items .


Visokaa provides a great deal with the new trends designs, where you can buy products or get your designs made at affordable prices.


We work with experienced textile designers and interior designers, who will provide the newest trends collection for your home.

Decorate your home

Try changing your home with incorporating small details, with tranding decors.

Our Services


Visokaa activities are based on customer focus, long-term business relationships and sustainable commitment. This gives rise to the binding principles of conduct for our managers, staff and suppliers. when we produce a product we have created with passion our focus is on production. We execute all your orders with precision, speed and all troubleshooting. each customer is given complete satisfaction in every area, that’s our objective and we achieve it with ease due to the culture of our working – passion.

Creative Design

Providing the newest design which meets the newest trends.

Quick Delivery

Our customers receive the shortest delivery time in any product anywhere for the simple reason that when we create we have done all the learning.

Best Quality

Products made with experienced artisan to give best quality.

Best Price

Designs at affordable prices meeting your budget.


Our Products


Our rich experience are creating unique craft products for the Home Décor and Lifestyle segment. Our products are born through a fusion of creativity and craft. we are in dealing with textiles of all types, mostly natural like cotton, linen, jute, silk, coming from handloom, power-loom, shuttleless
looms and variety of handcrafts where craftsmen of all works are part of our creative team our application to a product is right from the creative to the production line. The creative, craft, production, finishing and quality control team work together under our large span-less facility in symphonic synchronization. The products we create are conceived from a concept and we through with it to creating a product, keeping in mind the ultimate customer’s complete performance satisfaction and ambiance-enhancing values. Our philosophy continues to be using more hands than a machine to create global fashion products. We care and adopt sustainable programme.


We produce what we create, and still, we learn and improve! 100% quality control through set procedures constantly upgrade and reviewed to ensure that the final Quality Control finds it a real task to find dots in any shipment; where anything and everything about a product creation and performance is studied and tested over and over again before we go into production.